Waterproof Sleeping Bag Cotton

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Applicable People: Adult
Length: Lengthened (1.8 m-2 m Height)
Comfortable Temperature Scale: [>15℃]
Single/Double Sleeping Bag: Splicing Single Sleeping Bag
Type: 3 Season
Fabric: Terylene
Season: Spring & Autumn
Season: summer
is_customized: Yes
Category: Cotton Sleeping Bag
Style: Envelope Type
Filling: COTTON
Sleeping Bag Temperature Scale Category: Spring and Autumn Sleeping Bag
Model Number: NH19S015-D
Size: Standard-190*75 cm, Lengthened-205*85 cm
Waterproof Sleeping Bag: YES
Net Weight: Standard-0.8 kg, Lengthened-1 kg
Package Size: 18*40 cm (7.1*15.7 inch)
Camping Sleeping Gear: Blue, Green

Customer Reviews

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I liked everything, the order is happy, thanks to the seller!


I ordered this bag for my husband to use in his truck.He's a truck driver and doesn't like to sleep directly on the nasty mattress in the bunk.This is the second sleeping bag that I have ordered for my husband in as many weeks.The first one(different brand)was too small so he wanted something roomier.I bought this one because it was much larger,thinking he would finally be happy.Boy,was I wrong!Apparently,it is warm enough for the Alaskan wilderness(according to him). I am giving this bag 5 stars because I'm giving up.He's gonna complain regardless and he likes the size so I consider it a win.I ordered the gray one(he would have preferred the black).I'm keeping the bag but may put my ever-complaining husband up for sale on EBay or check to see if his mother accepts returns.




To be clear, this isn’t a ‘backpacking’ bag. It’s heavy, bulky, and doesn’t compress very small. But the things that make it unsuitable for backpacking make it just dandy for ‘car camping’. If your like me and find the thought of trekking miles into the unknown just to sleep with bears, free range chickens, and man eating field mice mildly disturbing, yet want to do some not-so-serious hiking, communing with nature, and tree hugging, then this sleeping bag is a good fit. I have the 4 pounder and with a self-inflating pad underneath and a quilt on stand-by to throw over me (even though I have yet to use it) I stay nice and warm in my tent. For me, the flannel lining was a necessity. I hate getting into a (really) cold sleeping bag. It may get toasty later on, but I don’t want to have to go through a defrost period to get warm. It’s also nice and roomy. Mummy bags are nice if your a mummy, but I’m not and I like my wiggle room. Like I said, this bag is not for back country trekkers. It doesn’t compress very small and is kinda heavy, but if you need an inexpensive bag for occasional car camping, than at least for me, this would be my first choice.


I am a person that sleeps really warm and a lot of sleeping bags will amplify all that heat, this one did not, it kep mt exceptionally comfortable while providing necessary warmth to sleep comfortably. the flannel pattern is nice and is a nice interior fabric compare to some that are over soft and prone to pilling. it's identical to a set of flannel sheets on the inside very comfortable. I used this product in the wet chilly weather of the northwest in October so it is warm but I wouldn't use it in freezing temperatures the product is only rated for 41 degrees and above and I am confident if used in that temperature range you will stay warm.