Silver Spoon Portable Cooking Utensils

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Material: Stainless Steel
With Tableware or Not: No
Can Hold Boiling Water or Not: Applicable
Disposable: No
With Cooler Bag or Not: No
Fold: Yes
Capacity: <0.25L
Bag Style: None
Purification Method: None
Model: ----
Straw Length: None
Number of Users: ---
Water Purification Method: None
Appearance: Round
Type: Knife/Fork/Spoon

Customer Reviews

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My father, who is 95 years old, has difficulty when eating out. He can't bite larger chunks into smaller ones, and even when food is sliced to be "bite-sized" they are not always small enough.

I generally need to cut up his food before he can eat, and to that end I need a decent set of utensils. Most American/European sit-down restaurants provide stainless forks and knives, but most fast food restaurants have flimsy plastic forks, and really bad plastic knives. Chinese restaurants often don't have knives at all since they cut up the food in the kitchen to be "bite sized," even if those are too big for my dad.

My solution has been to carry utensils with me into these restaurants. For the longest while I would grab some mismatched forks and knives from the kitchen, put them in a ziplock bag, and carry them with me that way. But that was always a stabbing accident waiting to happen.

This utensil set is a very nice solution for me. It comes in a solid carry case, the utensils themselves are solid and "normal" sized at the top, and most importantly, I can use them to easily prepare my dad's food for him when on the road.

The body of these utensils is a bit light, and I'm not sure what to use the dual-prong fork for, but otherwise this set works great for my purposes. Since they come in a carry case, I don't have to use a ziplock bag, and the knife and forks are not puncture threats. They wash easily, to get ready for the next excursion.


Super fast! Quality is not worried seller, you are the best of the best!, Stainless steel is not just thick-but very thick! For women "husbands chase" Take, a very worthwhile thing, the quality is super!


As described. Fast shipping and well packed.


A little larger than expected. But nice product. pleased.


Good thing