Outdoor Sports 1000D Nylon Tactical Leg Bag

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Function: outdoor sports
Rain Cover: No
Model Number: ytb216
Backpacks Type: Softback
Gender: Unisex
Material: Nylon
max leght of the waist ribbon: 122CM
color: jungle Camouflage, marine Camouflage, desert Camouflage
Type of sports: Hiking & Camping

Customer Reviews

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I used this thigh bag for three days in the high snowy peaks of Colorado right after the "bomb" snow storm hit. We snowshoe'd in about three miles of 10 inch powder over about 4 feet of established snow. I slipped, fell, slid, rolled around, climbed, sank in snow, and never once did this pouch open up or lose any of its contents. It didn't loosen up, or pinch, or get tangled the entire time I wore it and never once did I feel like it got in the way or felt burdensome. I kept my cellphone inside as well as my ferro rods and axe care items like a sharpening puck and file. It is a handy piece of kit for sure. I never want to be away from critical items like my fire kit tin so I wanted something I could keep on me even after shedding the rest of my gear off, and this leg pouch filled that purpose beyond any margin of expectation I had. A couple of the Velcro attachments might wear out eventually, but I will be hard pressed to get rid of this thing without attempting to repair it myself. I recommend it for sure.


I very rarely write poor reviews, but the quality of this pouch is what you would expect from a dollar store.
This pouch is exactly what I needed. I patrol on foot and needed something to hold a narrow clipboard, pens and a pad of paper. I do not carry anything heavy in this pouch and I do not heavily abuse zippers.

The very first day I used this pouch - the zipper came apart and derailed.. It was extremely upsetting because the pouch was rendered useless for my job purposes and I had to leave my job and go back into the office to try to fix it.
Luckily I was able to get it to zip again and tried for better luck the next day.

The next day I used this pouch.. The strap for the leg just fell off! (I am a small, slender female and only walk. I am not running or squatting with this thing. Upon further inspection I see its poor quality stitching. It is just one single row of light stitches holding each strap on.

I can also see that where the belt is attached to the pouch- its also coming apart at the stitches. Again, its just a single row of stitches holding the pouch on to the strap.

If it were just one thing that had gone wrong with this product.. I might say that it was just a fluke. But I feel like this represents the quality of this company. I am returning this and I am very disappointed because despite the poor quality, the bag was exactly what I had been looking for.


Good quality product


I ordered this for hiking so I can carry my toddler in the Tula and also have a place for my gun, bear spray, multitool + phone. IT IS AMAZING! Super adjustable so definitely skinny-plus size friendly.


I purchased this in anticipation of going to a convention, as I didn't want to carry a bag on my shoulders all day because that always ends up hurting. For my purposes, this was pretty good! I was able to fit my Nintendo Switch in the main pocket perfectly, carried some charging cables in the front flap, some snacks and a power bank in the pocket under the flap, and a pair of earbuds in the little pocket above the flap.
It won't carry a ton of stuff, obviously, but if you're looking for a little extra storage and you don't want to wear a bag on your shoulders, this thing is great. Incidentally, I didn't really use the second strap to affix the bag to my leg as I wanted to be able to move it around when necessary, but the hanging clip never got in my way