Emergency Sleeping Bag PE Aluminum Film

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Brand Name: Aolikes
Applicable People: Adult
Length: Lengthened (1.8 m-2 m Height)
Comfortable Temperature Scale: [0℃~-10℃]
Single/Double Sleeping Bag: Splicing Single Sleeping Bag
Type: Cold Weather
Fabric: pe
Season: Spring & Autumn
is_customized: No
Category: Sleeping Bag Accessories
Style: Envelope Type
Filling: pe
Sleeping Bag Temperature Scale Category: Spring and Autumn Sleeping Bag
Model Number: Emergency Sleeping Bag
Size: 78.74in*35.43in

Customer Reviews

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I used the mylar bag as a middle layer over my normal sleeping bag (old sleeping bag, probably not rated for super cold weather) and under a fleece outer sleeping bag. Warm and cozy all night in 30° weather. I did have to turn my sleeping bag and mylar bag inside out during the days to let them dry out. I didn't notice the moisture while I was sleeping though. Only slightly annoying to have to re-do my 3-layer setup every day after drying out... but worth it for how warm I was overnight.


We bought these weatherproof mylar bags to take with us on our November camping trip. My husband and our two boys slipped them over our sleeping bags to ensure the cold breeze couldn't get to us at night. Temperatures dipped down to 32 degrees the first night, but we stayed relatively warm inside our mylar encased sleeping bags. Even our feet stayed warm.

The inside of the mylar bags did sweat and got the outside of our bags wet the first night. When the outside of your bag is wet, the inside will be damp at best. Being damp in cold weather is not a good thing, BTW. Even though we were a little cool (due to the moisture), we were still warmer than we would have been without the emergency bags.


Living and playing in the Rockies, we do not venture anywhere without these lightweight, but versatile mylar sleeping bags. We use these iwith our cold weather sleeping bags when the temperatures dip cooler than anticipated. We also have used them for temporary shelters in unexpected conditions (ie hail and heavy rain). And we have these handy in case we need them in wilderness first aid situations.

As reasonable as these are, they are a worthwhile investment for the varied applications they serve.


They carry well, are easily deployed and the edges are taped and pressed together mechanically I believe to achieve a nice sturdy seal that acts as a sleeping bag. This has made a big difference in the cold weather we've been having lately and helps to counteract windy conditions because it is sealed so well. Recommended. (Careful though, if you are a fitful sleeper you may want to do some zig-zag or cross-style taping around the corners/edges, because the mylar is thin and can rip and tear without much force. Since they are emergency and intended for single-use though, I'm surprised at how durable they are even without that. I've used mine for a week at a time and it held up quite well.)


Ima and vrecica for nosenje. Super.