adult sleeping bag

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Applicable People: Adult
Length: Lengthened (1.8 m-2 m Height)
Comfortable Temperature Scale: [15℃~5℃]
Single/Double Sleeping Bag: Splicing Single Sleeping Bag
Type: 3 Season
Fabric: Nylon
Season: Spring & Autumn
Season: Winter
is_customized: Yes
Category: Down Sleeping Bag
Style: Envelope Type
Filling: Goose Down
Sleeping Bag Temperature Scale Category: Winter Sleeping Bag
Model Number: NH17Y010-R
Size: 190x72cm

Customer Reviews

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My daughter needed a sleeping bag. She didn't want anything heavy and the availability to get her arms out without having to unzip the side was a selling point. I was reluctant to order it because of the price. It was a steal. OMG, it is lightweight, soft, and like my daughter said, "Wow, this is such a cool sleeping bag." I am very happy with the purchase and cannot believe what a great price. AWESOME DEAL!!!
P.S. I had my daughter unroll it and then roll it up again. She rolled it up with no problem and put it back in the bag!!!


My son just took this sleeping bag on his annual Boy Scout Camping trip. He sleepy in a cabin and was warm and cozy. It was easy for him to fold up, pack up and carry himself being on 7 years old. I’m sure if he did the tent camping he might not be warm enough in the sleeping bag.


While I probably wouldn't use this sleeping bag on any ultra-light packing trips, I WOULD use this for most everything else. While not nearly as light as my nicer bag, it IS plenty warm, waterproof, durable, comfortable etc and a fraction of the price. Why beat up on my nice bag for car camping? What I really like most is the versatility. For warmer nights, this sucker can unzip into a blanket for car camping. For colder nights, zip the thing up completely and use the head pocket. I also love that I can unzip the feet separately to get some needed venting for additional comfort while still maintaining insulation. Helps get the moisture (and farts) out. I think it would be more honest to call this a 3 season bag, but hell, if you throw on enough layers anything can be a 4 season bag. Would it hold up in snow? Yes. Would you be comfortable in it? Probably not, unless you have a well insulated pad, some layers on you, and maybe some wool blankets for good measure. I think this is a great bag for anytime you DON'T want to use your x hundred dollar "nice" bag for car camping, visitors, low distance hiking trips etc. Basically anywhere where weight isn't your priority and you don't want to beat up on your nicer gear for "basic" usage.

I plan on using this bag for my road trip /car camping trips, leaving in my car trunk in winter for emergency use and local camping trips with the family primarily.


I bought this sleeping bag to give to a homeless person. It should keep him warmer in very cold weather


I'm 6'1 and my son is 4'8......we both were kept very warm in our own sleeping bags......2 winter weather trips.....temperatures in the mid 20's (F) at night. Added a smaller blanket to wrap ourselves and help retain heat.