Mosquito Net Hammock

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Outdoor Activity: Camp
Model Number: 157145
Brand Name: DITO
By Inflating Mode: Folding
Dampproof Mat Type: Camping Hammock
Material: 70D Nisi Fang

Customer Reviews

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Having never slept in a hammock before, we took these on a hike as an alternative to sleeping on a camping mattress on the ground. We tried them out for a 'lunchtime nap' and it took us about 10 minutes to put up 2 hammocks. The material seems durable, all the parts had a decent quality feel to them, and they help the weight and were very stable and comfortable. That night we decided to sleep in them for the whole night and they absolutely did the job. (A couple of things to note about sleeping in hammocks in general is that your ability to move and shift positions is of course far more limited, and you get a nice cool 'breeze' on your back - which you do not get when sleeping on a camping mattress - so the effect is cooler overall.)
All in all we are happy campers with these purchases and they will become a regular addition to our hiking / camping trips.


This is a large hammock and very comfortable for my 6’ 290 lb frame. Besides the width and length one of the main comfort points I am impressed with is its strength. After the first few moments of swinging then getting in and out several times I felt confident it would support my weight without issue allowing me to enjoy relaxing in it. The only con in my opinion is I felt the mosquito net support lines included are a little short. Easy enough to replace with some longer 550 cord. Overall this hammock is an excellent deal for the price!


I love it. We recently got two hammocks from Amazon. One for the color and this one. This is well made, has good components, and is very nice. I find this really comfortable, and I love the extra width this provides compared to competitors (You could easily have two adults in this). It comes with an inner pocket for stashing your phone as well, which I hadn't realized. Also:



I've been camping for over 30 years, 6 of which Uncle Sam paid for when I was reviewing barracks, e-clubs and portable cuisine as well as live fire marksmanship training after arriving in style, dropped at 20K feet from the back of a C130.